We promote the joy in life and create a positive outlook. We believe in the beauty of human emotions and focus on what connects us instead of what divides us. We can laugh at ourselves and seek out the magical moments that nurture our optimism and positive awareness.


We fulfil our promises towards our stakeholders, and see it as our obligation to take responsibility for all consequences of our decisions and actions. Being answerable forms the basis of our principles for good governance.


We value courage and believe in exploring and taking bold steps to reach our goals.
We inspire by example and trust our vision. In balancing risks, we do not let fear or failure overcomes our desire to learn and succeed. We do not take courage for granted. We proactively cultivate it by taking ownership of challenges and problems. This empowers us to grow and develop. We are not afraid to think big and function as a role model. In embracing change, we voluntarily step outside our comfort zone.


Our stakeholders can expect the best from us as we strive for excellence. We are ambitious and professional in always going the extra mile to serve our mission and our beneficiaries. We always aspire to improve by continuously learning and challenging ourselves as a team, instead of just relying on our past achievements. We work in environments where our passion to excel is recognised and appreciated.


We offer respect by acknowledging the needs and feelings of our beneficiaries and stakeholders. We gain the respect of others through our commendable actions and because we are a law-abiding organisation. We listen to and engage with the communities in which we operate. We are compassionate and assist others who need our help. We welcome diversity and are inclusive in our approach.


We are truthful and authentic in speaking openly and acting according to our honest beliefs and emotions. We have nothing to hide in that we are sincere with ourselves and our environment. We are not afraid to stand up for ourselves and our values.


We engage in creating new concepts using the art of clowning in our endeavour to develop novel ideas that are advantageous and meaningful to society. We welcome the unexpected and allow ourselves sufficient time to discover the perfect answer. We reflect passionately and think out of the box to reach innovative and transformative winning solutions. Creativity is the driving force behind our mission.


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