Code Of Ethics

The principles for working in hospitals have been documented in the RED NOSES Clowndoctors Code of Ethics. These have been established in order to guarantee the quality and the professional level of clown care work in hospitals, whereas not restricting the creativity of the artist.

§ 1
The clown who works in the hospital is a trained performing artist, who has been hired by RED NOSES Clowndoctors and is paid on the basis of a remuneration scheme. The clown has the necessary training and experience in the area of clownery. The organisation RED NOSES Clowndoctors trains the clowns for the specific work in the hospital.

§ 2
The clown is not allowed to practise any function in the hospital which lies outside the limits of his artistic activities. The clown has to be conscious that the reason for his work is to improve the well-being of patients in particular, but also their families and the hospital staff. Through his work, humour and fantasy temporarily become a part of the daily life in the hospital.

§ 3
As a rule, clowns in the hospital only work in a team of two. If a clown cannot perform and there is no backup available, then in the exceptional case, the clown gig may be carried out alone.

§ 4
The artist is personally responsible for all his actions within the hospital. His work is based on respect for the dignity, the personality and the private sphere of the patient and his family. During his clown work the artist always retains the same professional integrity, regardless of gender, ethnic heritage, religion, tradition, sexual orientation, family situation, social status, degree of education, illness or any kind of feelings and sentiments he might have towards the person.

§ 5
The artist must keep all information which he receives from the hospital staff in support of his work at the patient’s bed in absolute confidence. This may include the condition of health and the personal background of the patient. It is forbidden for the artist to give this information on to third parties. Patient/physician confidentiality and discretion is the utmost duty not only within but also outside of the hospital.

§ 6
Within the framework of his duties the clown builds up a relationship with his patient and their relatives. No kind of obligation exists, to continue this contact outside of the hospital whether in private or as a clown. It is the artist’s free decision as a private person whether he wants to keep up contact with the patient and his relatives or not, as far as they also wish this situation.

§ 7
In order to guarantee the quality of his work, the artist will continuously train and perfect his artistic skills as a clown. He will also continue and further his theoretical knowledge about illness, medical vocabulary, psychology, the psychic condition of the child and also adults in the hospital.

§ 8
The artist always endeavours not to endanger the safety of patients. Patients are not allowed to be brought into danger through the activities, requisites or movements of the clown.

§ 9
The artist must adhere to the hygienic and safety rules and regulations of the respective hospital ward.

§ 10
The artist will never take sides in internal hospital controversies, complaints or problems which concern the staff or management.


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