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Humour means: Be positive and laugh at yourself.
Humour means: Achieve the seriousness of a child at play.
Humour means: Have the power to create your own world of happiness.

The International School of Humour (ISH) was initiated by RED NOSES Clowndoctors and is therefore totally committed to humour. ISH, the training arena for our own 256 RED NOSES Clowndoctors, also enables people in helping and caring professions to take part in special courses allowing them to immerse in the colourful world of the RED NOSES.

Under the artistic direction of Giora Seeliger, 13-15 internationally renowned teachers, such as Aitor Basauri Barruetabena, Eddie Luis or Ami Hattab hold workshops at ISH during the year. A wide spectrum of course topics and disciplines are offered so that the personal strength of each RED NOSES clown can be enhanced to its maximum.

Endowed with a wealth of expercience ranging from music, magic, juggling, pantomime and dance, the clowns entertain every patient individually as they go from bed to bed. Worries and sad thoughts evaporate into thin air and instead a positive atmosphere full of laughter and joy fills the room. This boosts the immune system of both young and old patients. Magic, joy and hope brighten the hospital room when these two masters of their craft depart.

Besides having good psychological training, the clowndoctors must have excellent command of the entire artistic repertoire of a clown. It's difficult enough trying to make healthy children laugh. Giving joy and encouragement to patients suffering greatly during medical treatment in hospital demands greater empathy, knowledge and continuity in dealing with the sick. This expertise and the necessary tools required for professional clown work in the hospital environment are imparted in the School of Humour.

Due to their style of work, the clowndoctors develop a close relationship to their patients and common stories and experiences are born out of this special clown-patient intimacy. To share pain, suffering or even death is a task which demands great strength on behalf of the clowns. And exactly for this reason professional guidance and psychological support are both essential elements for their success.

Giora Seeliger, Artistic Director


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